Control your synthesizers in new ways

with the unique features of our cross platform editors

Innovation as a driving force

Because there are unlimited ways to use a synthesizer

Synthesizer editors should expand the synthesizer functionnalities when possible and not only mimic the hardware limits. Here are some examples of how this is done in Softknobs editors:

No more menu diving

Edit the parameters on screen, see how modulations interact with other parameters and apply parts of a patch to another.

Backup your patches

Retrieve all patches from your synthesizer and store them inside the library. Export patches to SysEx files as you wish.

Patch library

Organize your patches on your computer with banks, sessions, patch categories and timbres. Add comments and rating to one or more patches at once. Find the patches you are looking for with advanced filtering options.

Browse single patches inside Midi and SysEx files

No need to overwrite existing synthesizer patches, just browse the patches directily from Midi and SysEx files. Just drag and drop one or more files on the library to show their contents.